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RESP Enterprises LLC, formerly known as ESP Enterprises, was established in December 2012 as a sole proprietor.  We became a Limited Liability Company in December of 2014.  We are Robert and Patricia Ochoa, a husband and wife team, that started this company with a vision of being entrepreneurs.  Robert Ochoa previously worked in the courier industry and owned his own remodeling business for ten years before changing his career trade in 2011.   Patricia Ochoa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business from OLLU.  She has worked in the financial sector for over 16 years and has ten years’ experience in the retail grocery business.

During his time in the courier industry, Robert began to learn the trade and the clients.  In 2011, Robert was approached by his client that they were interested in having him work for them directly and provided us an opportunity to bid for the courier route in San Antonio.  As we continued our proposition, we won the bid and purchased our first 16-foot box truck.  During this time, our client informed us of another route that was available, and we made our attempt at the Austin route and won.  After six months, in 2013, we expanded into Austin and Waco, and in 2014, we acquired two new routes in Corpus Christi.

In 2017, we broadened our services into flooring industry to the surrounding areas. Our quality service allows our clients the peace of mind knowing their delivery is handled with care and delivered on time.

Our headquarters is based in San Antonio, Texas and we can deliver goods all across the state of Texas.  We can accommodate nearly any request and specialize in the delivery of pallets of tile, flooring, sign supplies, and sign equipment.

Because of the size of our trucks,  our drivers are often able to get materials to places that 18 wheelers cannot reach.  We even offer specialized unloading services, should the client need or request that.

Husband and wife team Robert and Patty Ochoa

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